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    1. Who is Payoneer?

    Payoneer markets, manages and services prepaid MasterCardŸ cards. Payoneer works together with Choice Bank Limited to issue and process our cards. A leader in offering prepaid solutions for online applications, Payoneer's headquarters are located in New York. We appreciate customer feedback; please contact Customer Support to let us know your comments or suggestions.

    2. Who can get a prepaid MasterCardŸ card?

    Anyone over the age of 18, with or without a bank account can receive the prepaid MasterCard card provided by Payoneer.

    3. The ATM* gives me choices of multiple accounts to choose from to withdraw money, which one should I choose? Options ATM’s* may display are:  
       Credit Card / Debit Card / Savings / Current / Checking

    The choice should be “Current” or “Checking”

    4.  What are the costs associated with the prepaid MasterCard card?

    Please visit our Pricing and Fees section to view card use and loading fees.

    5. How can I use the prepaid MasterCard card?

    The prepaid MasterCard card works just like any other prepaid MasterCard card. The card is accepted at locations worldwide, wherever Debit MasterCard is accepted. You can use it at point of sale locations to make purchases, whether online or at retail locations. You can also use the prepaid MasterCard card at ATMs* worldwide to withdraw cash. With the added security of choosing your own PIN, you can be assured of no unauthorized use of your card.

    6.  Can I use the prepaid MasterCard card on the internet?

    The prepaid MasterCard card may be used for online transactions wherever Debit MasterCard is an accepted form of payment.

    7.Who can use the card?

    The cardholder is the person whose name is imprinted on the card. This is the person to whom the card was issued and the named person is the only authorized user of the card.

    8.What happens to my card if I don't use it?

    If the card value is depleted to zero, no fees will apply.

    9. How do I activate my card?

    Once you receive your card in the mail, you can activate it as follows:

    1. Online at [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

       * Click on 'My Account'
       * Enter the User ID and Password you chose when your card was ordered, to log in
       * Click on 'Activate your card'
       * Select your 4 digit PIN number and submit
       * You will receive an email confirmation for activation

    2. By phone; Call us at 1-800-251-2521 within the US or 1-847-451-1386 outside the US. Choose option 3 from the menu and follow the prompts.

    Note: Do not use your card unless funds are loaded. Some ATM’s* will “eat” your card, if you use it without any funds available.

    10.How do payments to me become available on my prepaid MasterCard card?

    Whenever payments are loaded to your prepaid MasterCard card, you will be notified by email and will be required to accept payment. These funds will be available to you within 2 to 4 business days of accepting payment. Please make sure that [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] emails are not being directed to your bulk mail.

    11.How do I check my balance?

       * Click on My Account (note: you can also click on My Account from the Payoneer homepage).
       * Enter the UserID and Password you chose when your card was ordered.
       * Select the option to view your balance.

    12.What are the load limits and spending limits on the card?

    This card allows a total limit of $10,000. A daily spending limit is set at $5,000. Daily cash withdrawal limit, both at ATM and bank teller, is set to $2,500. Example: After making a $1,500 cash withdrawal, the card can be used for a POS purchase of up to $2,500 within the same day.


       * Local ATM networks may impose lower withdrawal limits than the limits stated above.
       * The card should only be used after it’s been activated and loaded with funds. Attempting to use it before it is activated and loaded carries the risk of losing it to the ATM machine.
       * Fees may apply. Please refer to your cardholder agreement for more information.

    13. What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?

    Contact us immediately to report a lost or stolen card.
    We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the following number: 1-646-224-6993

    14.How do I cancel the card and get any remaining funds back?

    You may cancel your card, by sending an e-mail request to Customer Support. Please state the last 4 digits of your card and the name of the cardholder, as it appears on the card. Payoneer will cancel the card. You may withdraw the remaining funds at an ATM*.

    15.Should I need additional customer service support, when should I contact my paying Partner and when should I contact Payoneer?

    You should contact your paying Partner for all issues relating to how they track your earnings. Once any funds are loaded onto your card, any questions you may have about your card account and/or card usage should be directed to Payoneer.

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